Saturday, July 6, 2013

"Feeling Cocky" - Original Sketches

A little "behind the scenes" peak of the original sketches I did for what would become the "Feeling Cocky" figure (in his early days I was calling him "Hold Tight").
If I have a solid idea for a sculpt in my head, I generally don't spend a lot of time sketching it out, I'd rather spend that time working on the actual sculpt/final piece. So these sketches are pretty loose, really just visual notes jotted down to highlight pose, expression, proportions, and style. All of which would get fine tuned as I worked on the sculpt and saw how things looked in the wax.

The belt was added during sculpting, I loved the irony of it, and it let me do the almost phallic little strap sticking out (although that and the undercut of the hat gave the most problems when casting).
The sideburns were an important element I worked out in the sketches. I didn't want him looking too young, but wanted to do the sculpt very smooth and in cartoony proportions with a larger head. The sideburns, somewhat developed chest, and face angles helped combat the pre-pubescent look.

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