Tuesday, February 19, 2013

(Two-fer) Tighty Whitey Tuesday

COARSE - Some day I would like to touch, hold, or buy one of their figures, or attend one of their exhibitions. Until then, pics will have to do. They are one of the early inspirations to me, for what became F.A.G.S. If you are unfamiliar with Coarse, check out their site and their body of work, well worth a look!

Gorillaz vinyl figures were released in 2006 by Kidrobot and Murdoc here showed up in briefs. "CMYK", "2-Tone", and "White" versions were released.

A guy in just his underwear is fun. But add some props and things get interesting!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

It's Like New Year's...

You take stock of the year gone by. You contemplate all those #s you've collected in your phone. And you think, "Really? None of these worked out?" And you're left facing Valentine's Day without a significant other. That's how it was for me last year and during a mind wandering brain storm I had while walking my dog (where most of my ideas seem to take form) I decided to at least have fun with it, instead of being bitter. Inspired by the little Valentine cards that were traded in grade school (usually with Garfield on them) I figured I'd make my own little cards in that style, but that more accurately reflected the situation that I shared with the person who's phone number I still had but who, for whatever reason, hadn't become someone I'd spend Valentine's Day with. At most, it would be an ice breaker that could get me talking again to some of these guys who I had once shared a good time. At the least they'd get some funny little artwork on Valentine's Day.
Below are the cards I made and sent out, with links below them to the full size files. Feel free to upload them to your phones and text them out to the #s you've collected this year. And see what happens.

(The most common response I got was "Who is this?" Oh well... I have a whole new crop of #s to try these on this year...)