Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Balls. No Balls.

CHEERS that they had the balls to do this version of this character.

JEERS that they didn't have the balls to actually give the figure balls.  From Entertainment Earth's pre-order page:

"Removable black tape covers his nudity (don't worry - there is no "junk" behind the tape)."

Why? It's already an adults-only item (there's an "18+" right there on the package.) They had to tool up a new pelvis piece anyway (the previous figures of Brock have pants details clearly sculpted in). I think the tape is great for in-package, but once opened I fear it will feel flimsy and cheap. And I for one would have displayed my naked bloody Brock proudly without tape for all to see, but will have to think twice about that now if all there is is some sort of smooth neutered-ness.

Total cop out. Wonder if he has an ass?

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